Mobile DJ Service Curated Playlist

Mobile DJ Service Curated Playlist

    • Setup Area: 10x10
    • Attendants: 1

    • $300.00
    • Please call to reserve this item.

Curated Playlist Mobile DJ Party Package

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A Curated DJ's Choice playlist, is pre-chosen by your DJ to bring you the best music and custom light show possible.  We mix and mash in real time Hot 100, EDM, Rap and Pop.  Curated playlists allow us to offer DJ services at a vast discount because most of the work is already done on the pre chosen playlist.  There is a lot of work done to a playlist before we can play it at a party.  We need to organize the order in which the songs play based on beats per minute, genre and dancability.  Curated playlists are the best because we have chosen each song carefully, to keep people dancing and entertained.Each song is chosen with dancability in mind, and each song we program a unique custom light show.  This allows us to do most of the work before your party begins, allowing us to bring your a dj set at a much more affordable price. 

-2 Hours of Music
-Premium Upgraded sound system

  -DJ's Choice Curated Playlist: Hot 100, EDM, Modern Rap Mixed and Mashed in real time! 

-Facade table cover
-Upgraded LED Dance Floor Lighting
-2 Long Range Wireless Microphones
-Custom Programed Light Show Using SoundSwitch

Compare our DJ equipment to what other DJ's bring. The choice is clear.

 Most DJ's don't even bring lighting for the dance floor.  Compare pricing to quality! 

Want to hear our DJ in action mixing your favorite songs?  Visit our Facebook Page

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