One DV12-MKII BASSBOSS Top and One BASSBOSS ZV28 Subwoofer Winter Special

One DV12-MKII BASSBOSS Top and One BASSBOSS ZV28 Subwoofer Winter Special

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One BASSBOSS DV12 MKii Top and One BASSBOSS ZV28 Subwoofer

7,000 Watts RMS

One BassBoss Dv12 MKii Powered Speaker and One BassBoss ZV28 Dual 18" Subwoofer

 Comes with a basic mixer, 1 Wired Microphone, 1 aux cord, and all cables provided, Subwoofer Pole Mount

Bassboss Denver Rental for DJ Concert Festival

Bassboss DV12 Rental Denver Colorado


  • Built-in 3000 RMS Watt Amp
  • Invertible Array
  • Full Range/Satellite Mode
  • Compare to QSC K12.2 1000 Watts RMS to BASSBOSS DV12mkii 3000 Watts RMS

Extremely high output and uniform energy dispersion over a very wide and deep sound field.

The DV12-MKII single 12″ Top offers ultra high-fidelity, full-range music reproduction, excellent speech intelligibility, extremely wide dispersion, and even sound projection over distance. The MKII update has brought deeper frequency response, better performance, and improved ergonomics.

With frequency range now down at ±3 dB to 40 Hz in full range mode, the DV12-MKII offers more bass output than many mass-market subs.

ZV28 Subwoofer Specs:
BASSBOSS ZV28 Dual 18-Inch Powered Subwoofer | ProSound and Stage Lighting
Move Audiences 

  • Groundbreaking Performance 4000 Watt RMS Amplifier
  • Super-High Continuous Output
  • Deepest High-Output Sub for its Size

The ZV28 Subwoofer delivers bass so low down to 20HZ as to be at the very limits of human hearing.

Notes that are simply not present with other subwoofers are fully realized by the ZV28, and frequencies that stress lesser subs are reproduced effortlessly and powerfully.


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