Cherry Frozen Drink Mix

Cherry Frozen Drink Mix

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Cherry Frozen Drink Mix


Can be used with or without alcohol. 

1 mix = 48 servings (8oz per person)

Simply mix 2 liters of your choice of alcohol per 1 mix per 2.5 gallons of water.  That makes about 384 ounces of frozen concoction.  This machine will freeze the concoction automatically.

(Plan on having the machine delivered 2.5 hours before your party starts with alcohol, or 2 hours without alcohol.)  

Your delivery person will deliver and set up the machine.  We will also mix your first concoction for you and show you how to use the machine.

Our personal recommendation for Margaritas based on our experience:

For each mix, use:  1.5 liters of "1800 tequila" and .25 liters of "Triple Sec" and .25 liters of "Grand Marnier"

**Please allow 2.5 hours for mixing and to freeze at room temperature**

**Can be used outdoors, but not in direct sunlight.  Must be in the shade. Be sure to set the machine up with enough time to freeze the concoction before your party starts**

**Extension cords must be provided by the customer and cannot be longer than 20 feet and needs to be at least 16 gauge.**

**We do not supply alcohol**

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